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 Shida Update - 1/20/2007
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Good News! Our orphaned Rhino, 4 year old Shida, who suffered a prolapsed rectum, underwent three surgical interventions under anaesthesia to correct the problem, is once again now fit and well, with a rear end that looks perfectly normal. However, after the second operation, when an 80 lb. Fishing Line was used to suture the rectum and try and return inside what was outside, he had difficulty in passing dung, and five days later came back to his Stockade one evening in obvious distress with a rear end that looked like a balloon, from a build-up of faeces that he could not eject. However, amazingly, he allowed the Keepers to actually insert their hands and physically pull out what they could, prior to the arrival of the Vet. This was a remarkable turn-around, because previously he was exceedingly suspicious, quite understandably, of anyone approaching his rear. On this occasion however, he obviously knew that he was in need of assistance, and whilst downing a bottle of milk, allowed the Vet to cut the suture when about three buckets of dung literally exploded out, showering the Vet, and everyone else in range! This was an enormous relief to Shida, and thankfully, the prolapse did not reoccur, which made us all greatly relieved. However, whilst the pressure had been relieved by cutting the suture, there was still stitching in place around the tissue, and all attempts to remove this during the night as he slept, and the next day, proved fruitless. Hence, the Vet had to return, and operate the third time as the procedure involved quite a lot of internal probing. When it was done, the Vet was heartened by what he saw.

Shida came to us as a tiny calf dwarfed by his stable  Shida during one of his operations

For the next few days, we waited with baited breath, praying that the prolapse did not re-occur, which would have involved an amputation of the offending part, and a much more serious operation. Mercifully, everything has now returned to normal. Shida is feeding well, doing the rounds of his old haunts again (still overseen by a Keeper to keep him safe) and returning to his Stockade at nightfall to enjoy a healthy helping of milk mixed in with cooked oatmeal porridge, and horse cubes. He is gaining weight rapidly, and again looks, and behaves, like his former healthy self.

Shida thankfully back to his normal self  Shida 20.01.07


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