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 Auction of handcrafted jewellery for Valentines day - 1/18/2009
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Last year we were able to offer supporters the opportunity to acquire one of eight pieces of stunning hand made jewellery and at the same time to generate much needed funds for our elephant orphans in Kenya.

The online auctions proved immensely popular, raising thousands of Pounds Sterling for the project.  Following that success, Heather Webb, the artist behind the jewellery decided to create eight new and equally unique pieces.  The eight new lampwork glass and elephant charm pendants are each named after a specific orphan and include a beautiful silver heart charm.

ALL proceeds from the sale of these pieces go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

So be it a treat for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one this Valentine's Day, please visit the ebay online auction pages for each piece now, where you can view the jewellery and hopefully place your winning bid. The auction will start on Monday 19th January.  The first auction does not start until 16:00hrs UK time and all auctions will finish within 15 minutes of each other, with the first ending at 16:00hrs (GMT) on Thursday 29th January.  The specific end times for each item are shown below and can be found on the auction pages and the highest bidder at the end is the winner, so be sure to place your highest bid at the start to avoid disappointment.  Not forgetting that if you win, not only will you be getting a striking and unique piece of jewellery, but you will also be benefiting the orphan whose name it bears.

The jewellery is being auctioned on eBay, where you can read a full description and see four pictures of each pendant, as well as an image of the orphan in whose name it has been created.

Below is a list of the eight orphans in whose names’ the necklaces have been created and against each is the link to the item’s eBay listing where you can bid

CHYULU (bidding ends at 16:00hrs (GMT) on 29th January)

Chyulu's necklace  Chyulu


KORA (bidding ends at 16:15hrs (GMT) on 29th January)

Kora's necklace  Kora



LENANA (bidding ends at 16:30hrs (GMT) on 29th January)

Lenana's necklace



MAKENA (bidding ends at 16:45hrs (GMT) on 29th January)

Makena's necklace  



NASERIAN (bidding ends at 17:00hrs (GMT) on 29th January)

Naserian's necklace  Naserian



NDII (bidding ends at 17:15hrs (GMT) on 29th January)

Ndii's necklace  Ndii



Shimba (bidding ends at 17:30hrs (GMT) on 29th January)

Shimba's necklace  Siria and Shimba at play



TAVETA (bidding ends at 17:45hrs (GMT) on 29th January)

Taveta's necklace  Taveta hugs his Keeper


The auctions are being run by the DSWT’s UK charity, with international delivery offered on all pieces.  So wherever you live in the world you can still bid and please do forward this email to friends and family who you think might be interested in bidding for themselves.  If you live outside the UK and wish to bid on the jewellery in your own currency, please go to your country's national eBay site i.e. www.ebay.com in the USA and www.ebay.com.au in Australia, and search for the piece of jewellery you wish to bid on.

We would again like to say a special thank you to Heather Webb for creating this wonderful jewellery to celebrate and help the orphans.  If you would like to see Heather’s full range of jewellery, please visit her website at
http://www.bumpybeads.co.uk for every piece of jewellery sold on her website Heather donates £1 to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


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