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 The rescue of Olare - 8/7/2009
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At 10am on the 5th of August just one day after the dramatic rescue of baby TURKWEL, a young calf and its ailing mother was seen by a passing tourist who passed the report to the KWS vet Dr. Dominic Mijele, of our Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit.

Olare's rescue team consisted of Patrick, Hassan, Julius and Stephen  The team prepares to depart for the Mara

Stephen in the front seat of the plane en route to the Mara  Views below while flying to the Mara

By the time the Mobile Veterinary Unit located the elephant and its calf, the mother was in a pathetic and horrific state of collapse, able only to move her front legs and trunk, her baby clinging to her in a state of sheer terror and confusion. Dr. Dominic Mijele immobilized the mother to assess the cause of her suffering and found that an injury had shattered her femur, it caused nerve damage so sever that she was left paralyzed, with no hope of recovery or survival, and it is assumed that the injury was caused by a bullet wound but that could not be confirmed.

The Keepers are collected from the airstrip & taken to the Olare & her incapacitated mother  The keepers confronted by the heart breaking scene of a calf struggling to comprehend the situation

The DSWT vet from the Mara Veterinary Unit, Dominic prepares to dart the incapacitated mother  Before the calf could be captured the mother was to be darted to ensure no further stress

The Keepers prepare for the capture

The terrified calf by her injured mother  The calf beside her injured mother

The Trust was alerted of yet another rescue, the team arriving at the Olkiombo airstrip where Dr. Dominic Mijele and KWS Rangers waited. From the airstrip they were then driven to the ailing mother and her terrified baby
some 20 kilometers away so that the Keepers expertise could ensure an smooth and effecient capture of the calf. It was a heart-wrenching scene that greeted them, the mother attempting to protect the terrified baby who was clinging to her and climbing on her in an attempt to evade a hated enemy responsible for the suffering of her adored mother. There were no dry eyes that day as the Keepers moved in to try to capture the baby once the mother was darted to immobilize her and prevent her flailing trunk from injuring the men, and to minimize any further stress.

The rescue team are confronted with an incredibly distressing scene

The calf beside her injured mother  The Keepers prepare to capture the baby

The mother desperate to protect her calf but unable to stand  The heartbreaking sight of little Olare clambering over her incapacitated mother

The young calf is caught and a blanket placed over her eyes to cause less stress

The calf was still strong at approximately 1 year old; also quite capable of injuring a man, so the keepers needed the assistance of the KWS Rangers.  Once the baby was loaded and on its way to the waiting plane, the vet euthanized the mother, thus ending her unbearable suffering. 

The whole experience physically and emotionally draining  The tragic scene - the stricken mother euthanized and left on the plains of the Mara

The calf is bound tied and prepared for the car journey to the airstrip  The calf is loaded into the vehicle

The harrowing experience etched on the faces of those involved  The young calf is prepared for the flight

The calf is loaded and strapped into the plane  She gets to meet the other nursery orphans



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