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 DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Report November 2016 - 12/23/2016
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November such like previous years sees a significant decline in illegal activities in the Parks and protected areas as would-be poachers and offenders return to their smallholdings to plant crops after the rains and hope for good harvests.

This month was particularly quiet, which is always positive as peace returns to the Parks.  Snares collected dropped significantly in comparison to previous months, although the Yatta team did recover the most finding 168 snares out of the 248 collected in total, which had most probably been set a month or so before by bush-meat poachers in the hope of trapping small antelopes like DikDik.

In total 10 arrests were made during November including 3 bushmeat poachers who were arrested by the Mobile team.  The Mtito and Meru team also arrested a number of livestock herders.  With support from the Aerial and Dog Unit the teams also uncovered several shootings blinds and platforms whilst finding and destroying active charcoal kilns.

Three elephant treatments took place with help from the Tsavo based DSWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Unit, which were all supported on the ground by the Yatta team, whilst the Ziwani team helped the Voi Keepers rescue an abandoned baby elephant.

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