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 February KWS/DSWT Anti-Poaching Report - 3/5/2017
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This month there was an extensive joint operation with the KWS in extracting all livestock from southern Tsavo East and bordering conservation areas.  Many of the teams pulled together throughout the month to evict thousands of head of cattle, which was illegally grazing in the Park.  

During this operation 68 herders were also arrested; the Mobile, Ziwani and Burra Units dedicating most of their patrols to this effort.  During the dry seasons the incursion of livestock into protected areas is an increasing threat, and one which the DSWT together with the KWS, take very seriously.

The other teams continued their dedicated patrols throughout their operational zones.  399 snares were collected in total with the Meru team lifting 134 snares from Meru National Park and the Ithumba team confiscating 100 snares directly from an arrested poacher.  Out of the 77 arrests made during February the majority were livestock herders whilst an ivory poacher was arrested as well as 1 bushmeat poacher and 7 charcoal burners.

Along with shooting blinds and other illegal structures the teams also stay on top of another concerning illegal activity in the Park – charcoal burning.  Throughout the month, the teams destroyed 22 charcoal kilns, which had all been built in the Parks using illegally logged hard wood.

Other activities which took place during February included the successful treatment of 2 injured elephants by the DSWT funded Mobile Veterinary Unit.  A number of elephant carcasses were also discovered, some found dead due to natural causes and the ongoing drought and others due to poaching.

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