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 September Anti-Poaching Report from the Tsavo Conservation Area - 10/10/2017
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The effects of the drought continued to increase this month as the Tsavo Conservation Area witnessed yet more wildlife mortalities.  In total the DSWT Anti-Poaching teams, in conjunction with the Aerial Unit, discovered 38 carcasses.  25 of these wildlife deaths were elephants, whilst there were also 5 buffalos, 2 giraffes and a number of other plains game, the majority of which died due to the drought.  The Tsavo Vet Unit was called in to carry out post-mortems and confirm the causes of death whilst removing any ivory for safe keeping.

Bushmeat poaching activities also saw an increase during September, as the teams found and collected double the number of snares compared to previous months including cable snares, which are set to trap elephants; in total 947 snares were collected including 7 cable snares.

With an increase in bushmeat poaching, the teams were able to focus attention on hotspots known to poachers where wild animals are easily targeted along well-used tracks leading to and from remaining water sources.  43 arrests were made during the month including 10 bushmeat poachers, 5 of which were arrested by the Chyulu team and the other 5 between the Yatta, Burra and Mtito teams. Other arrests included livestock herders, charcoal burners and loggers. 

5 elephant rescues also took place this month, with the teams supporting the vet unit and the Keepers in capturing and treating calves rescued as victims of the drought, a dikdik was also rescued from a snare just in time, whilst a buffalo was dragged from a dried out mud wallow where it was trying to get water.

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