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 A happy Ending - 9/28/2011
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Tarhi Tented Lodge abuts the seasonal Voi river’s watercourse situated beyond the Kanderi Swamp.   There an artificial waterhole serves the wild animals’ water needs during the dry seasons offering the Camp visitors a game viewing experience from the comfort of the lodge.  

The Lodge guests awoke on the morning of the 23rd September to a drama unfolding at the waterhole, where a tiny calf trapped in the water trough, and the distressed mother desperately attempting to extract it.   The other members of the herd moved off once the Camp began to stir in the morning, but the elephant mother, who was extremely protective, remained, determined not to abandon her precious baby.  

The trapped baby

The Lodge Manager alerted the Kenyan Wildlife Service Vet attached to the Trust’s Mobile Veterinary Unit who organized the Voi Elephant Keepers to come and help extract the calf.  The mother resolutely refused to be driven off, and in the end had to be tranquilized in order to allow the Rescue team access to the newborn baby.

The entire rescue exercise when it began took under 15 minutes, from the darting of the mother, rescuing the baby, and the mother revived, and both were reunited, going off happily together to locate the rest of the family herd.   For once, it is a pleasure to be able to bring to our supporters a happier Ending.

Mum and calf  The mother struggles in vain to rescue her calf


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