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 An Unusual Relationship - 3/21/2012
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Oomphy our orphaned tree hyrax, who is thriving in his new adopted family and Geri our sprightly Thompson’s Gazelle are inseparable. Both orphaned at birth, these two contrasting creatures, one a creature of the forests, and the other of the African plains are building a beautiful and very special bond in their new home within the Nairobi Nursery.

Roan with Geri  

Early morning and late afternoons are spent exploring the nursery grounds, Oomphy making great efforts to keep up with his long-legged friend, who always waits for him to catch-up, lovingly nuzzling him as he scuttles exhaustedly behind through the undergrowth,  both resting up in during the hotter part of the day.

  Taru with Geri

Totally trusting and loving of each other, they keep one another company during the nights sleeping in Angela’s house.  Oomphy now no longer snuggles against his make-shift radiator but nestles himself cosily against the warmth of Geri until they both fall peacefully asleep.  Angela’s sons Taru and Roan are Mum to Geri and Oomphy and are well rewarded with total devotion from them both.

Walks with Taur  



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