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 The Challenge of Water in Tsavo East - 2/12/2013
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The harsh drought of 2012 saw the whole of Tsavo East National Park lying parched under the heat of the African sun. Although this arid environment is no stranger to drought and harsh conditions, the wet seasons once relied upon to bring relief are worryingly now becoming even rarer as global warming bites.

Tsavo elephants in search of water

Providing the only water for miles  One of the DSWT's windmills on Tsavo

The struggle for water is an on-going battle but there are measures that can be taken to reduce the impact of these long and devastating dry seasons by helping to relieve the challenges of water access for wildlife through the implementation of boreholes and water resource management strategies, which has always been a core objective of the DSWT. Here you can watch a short film about our vitally important Aruba borehole in Tsavo East:
You can support our water projects by making a direct donation at https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/is/donate_now.asp and selecting 'Water Projects' from the drop-down menu.    

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