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 The Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit on the Frontline of Poaching - 9/5/2013
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The operations of the DSWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Units and the new SkyVet initiative have never been as vital as they are now during a time when the life of every elephant and rhino in this country is severely threatened as both species fight to survive the brutal illegal ivory and rhino horn trade.  These DSWT funded veterinary units work in unison with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and are headed by KWS field veterinary officers, who are now all pushed to their limits trying to save the wounded victims of poachers throughout Kenya.

The Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit is truly on the frontline of the ivory battle; Dr Poghon, the Unit’s KWS Veterinary Officer is working all hours and in all corners of the vast Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA), which spans 20,000 km2 (8,069 sq. miles), treating Tsavo’s wounded elephants, some of which are Kenya’s biggest bulls and the few that remain with mighty tusks.  In one month alone, the month of July, Dr Poghon and his skilled veterinary team have treated no less than 16 elephants, sadly including two of the DSWT’s own now wild ex-orphans raised at the Nairobi Nursery, whilst rescuing five elephant calves and one rhino calf.  These majestic elephants have been found with poison arrows lodged in their bodies or some caught in deadly snares.   

Here you can read more about the Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Units many cases that were treated during July, over 90% of which were successful treatments giving these elephants a second chance, whilst the KWS and DSWT working with KWS have deployed more rangers in the field and put more aerial surveillance hours in the sky in an effort to provide as much protection as possible to Kenya’s largest population of elephants.

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