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 The Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit's September Report - 10/22/2013
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Compared with the last two months the Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit, headed by Kenya Wildlife Service Field Veterinary Officer Dr Poghon, has experienced a thankful decrease in wildlife cases reported within the greater Tsavo Conservation Area.  This is predominantly due to the increase of security in the area to tackle the ongoing threat of poaching which is having a terrible effect on Kenya's elephant populations.  More Kenya Wildlife Service armed rangers have been deployed into the field in partnership with the DSWT's eight anti-poaching field teams and the aerial surveillance unit and are achieving great successing in preventing further poaching incidences.  

Although, despite this reduction in veterinary cases, there has been an increase in orphaned elephant calf rescues, mainly due to the onset of the dry season and the stress on elephants and most wildlife species in gaining access to sufficient water and vegetation.  The Tsavo Vet Unit also had to respond to a couple of repeat cases where the patient had not responded well to thier first treatment as thier injuries were too serious during the month.

Here you can read more about the Unit's operations during September and the lifesaving work they are doing within Tsavo. 


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