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 Maxwell's Escapade - 2/19/2014
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On the 17th of February we woke to a surprise, finding Maxwell was not in his Boma.  Following the footprints in the wet mud, it was clear that the fastening bolt to one of the doors had come undone due to Maxwell sharpening his horn on it, and he had found himself outside. 

He was located at dawn below Angela’s house, and was in no mood to cooperate as he had picked up Solio’s scent and was hell bent of following it down the hill in the opposite direction.  It took the team 4 hours of gentle persuasion with treats of all descriptions, eventually resorting to drones and cars, to guide blind Maxwell back to his Boma. 

Coaxing Max back  Maxwell near the visiting area

Maxwell at mudbath  Maxwell having some milk

Maxwell on the rocks  Milk to tempt Maxwell back

Of course being blind he was totally disorientated and this made the whole operation a fraught business as Maxwell was definitely getting agitated, no longer familiar with his environment.  It was a relief to all, including Maxwell, when we finally guided him home safely back in his Boma, just before our public viewing hour at 11.00am.

Following the drone  Using vehicles to get him back

Maxwell marking territory  Maxwell back in his stockade


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