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 March Report from the Anti-Poaching Units in Tsavo - 4/23/2014
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The month of March has seen a significant drop in the number of poaching incidences and illegal activities recorded within the Tsavo Conservation Area compared to the months of 2013.  This reduction in activity could in part, be due to the heavy storms that have continued to sweep throughout the region making access difficult, whilst keeping water holes full and vegetation thick and green with large herds of elephants gathering throughout the TCA, enjoying the lush habitat.

All units were deployed in the field full time during the month, whilst the Ziwani Anti-Poaching team took a month of leave.  Most arrests involved charcoal burning, livestock herders and loggers, whilst 6 bush-meat poachers were successfully arrested and handed over to the police.  The Bura Unit uncovered four elephant carcasses from within their area of patrol in southern Tsavo East with support from aerial surveillance.  They were able to retrieve tusks from two of the carcasses, all of which were clear to have been killed by poachers, whilst the other carcasses were found with the tusks already taken.



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