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 Sky Vets - Best Friends in Trouble in the Masai Mara - 7/1/2014
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On the 30th of June the DSWT Nairobi HQ received a call from Mark Goss in the Masai Mara requesting the DSWT funded Sky Vet team to attend to two speared elephant bulls.  Immediately a plan was made with KWS Veterinary Officer Dominic Mijele and veterinary equipment and medication was quickly prepared for a flight booked to Olare Orok airstrip in the Mara, where Mark and his ground teams were waiting for this vital veterinary support. Meantime Mark’s scouts on the ground were following the bulls ensuring that they remained in sight while they waited for help to arrive.  One of the bulls in trouble had a spear head protruding from his temple with six inches of metal imbedded into his skull.  His friend had a spear wound on the leg with a clear entry and exit hole visible. 

The two friends  The Sky Vet team arrives to dart both bulls

The Sky Vet team arrived in good time and were immediately driven to the site where the bulls were located on open plains, which thankfully made the whole darting process easier.  The bull with a spear in his head was darted first and he immediately slumped onto his haunches.  What was so heartwarming to witness was his injured friend standing vigil over his slumped form.  Thankfully he did not fall on the side where the spear head was, which was the fear, as that would have pushed the metal further into his skull. Dominic quickly darted the second bull too so that the team could get to work quickly and efficiently on both the patients simultaneously.

the bulls are darted one after the other  The one bull stands guard over the other

Dr Mijele began working on the bull with the severe head injury and carefully removed the spear head lodged in his skull which immediately caused hemorrhaging from both the temple and the trunk, which was alarming yet expected given the extent of his injury.  The wound was soon cleaned and plugged and with the spear head removed this bull’s chance of a full recovery is very positive.  

the team gets to work on the bull with a spear in his skull  A spear to the head

There was a lot of blood from the spera wound  The wound hemorrhages

His recumbent friend who was laying close by with less severe injuries was then attended to.  His wounds were treated by Mijele who cleaned them extensively, before administering antibiotics and packing the wounds with green clay, which is a natural substance to ward off infection.  Both patients were then given the reversal antidote and in no time they rose to their feet and together ambled off across the plains whilst the team looked on, satisfied with a day’s good work and confident in the knowledge that today everyone involved had made a significant difference in saving the lives of these two precious and magnificent creatures.  

The bull had to be turned to treat the wound  The next bull is treated for his leg wound

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust funds the Sky Vet initiative in support of the Kenya Wildlife Service enabling timely veterinary intervention to emergency cases throughout the country.  This extremely successful initiative is made possible thanks to the generous support of one individual whose financial commitment has saved numerous elephants, rhinos and lions lives, along with many other animals in need.   

the team hopes both bulls will make a swift recovery  the second bull soon rises to join his friend

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If you would like to see a list of the updates available please click here.

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