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 The graduation of DSWT Community Rangers from the KWS Law Enforcement Academy - 7/7/2014
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After three months of rigorous training 21 David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) Community Rangers graduated from the KWS Law Enforcement Academy, Manyani. 78 Community Rangers from various conservation bodies across Kenya successfully completed the course.

  The graduates receive their awards

Manyani Law Enforcement Academy is a paramilitary training school that was established in the early 1990s with a mandate to implement the policies put in place by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and to also assist in the training of various stakeholders involved in wildlife conservation. The focus of the three months of intensive training was paramilitary procedures, ecology and ecosystem management. Some of the additional subjects included;

    •    Foot and Arms Drills

    •    Weaponry

    •    Field Craft and Minor Tactics

    •    Map Reading and Global Positioning System (GPS)

    •    Wildlife Studies

    •    Radio Communication and Signals

    •    First Aid and Hygiene

    •    Leadership and Man Management

    •    Physical Training

    •    Wildlife Act

    •    Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) and General Law  


This is the third time the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has sent their rangers to Manyani to acquire skills much needed in wildlife and habitat preservation. As in previous years our rangers picked up awards including Best in Drill and Turn-out and Best All Round.


You can view previous graduation parades here: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/updates/updates.asp?ID=462

The Passing Out parade was conducted in the distinguished presence of the Deputy Director Devolution & Community Service, Mr. Benjamin Kavu, HSC. He spoke of the enormous task of stopping poachers on the ground.


The graduates will re-enter active service among the nine DSWT anti-poaching teams working with the Kenya Wildlife Service across Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) and Lamu County.


Your generous support makes it possible for these young men to be trained and actively involved in protecting Kenya’s wildlife. Thank you for your support.


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