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 Ndotto - A week later - 8/17/2014
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Last week the tiniest baby elephant we have ever had came into our care from the remote Ndoto Mountains.  Rescued and brought to the Nursery by helicopter this tiny bundle got delivered wrapped in a blanket, still petal pink and new our keepers looked on in disbelief as this tiny package was unwrapped.  We named him Ndotto after his home, a beautiful and remote mountain range in northern Kenya. 

Why he was orphaned remains a mystery, but he was retrieved and rescued when discovered abandoned by a sympathetic Samburu community who cared for him for two days in their manyatta while they tried to get word out to the wildlife authorities.   So remote is the region with no roads, that the only possible way to rescue this tiny baby was by helicopter.  Ndotto has not yet been placed on the fostering program, but in the meantime we wanted to share a short film of this rescue and how he is doing a week down the line.  We thank all those people involved in saving Ndotto, but especially the kind hearted Samburu community of the Ndoto Mountains who went to such lengths to keep him safe.

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Many thanks Helen Douglas-Dufresne of the Milgis Trust and the samburu team that found Ndotto and to Ben Simpson and the pilots of Tropic Air for making this rescue possible and for allowing us to share their film footage of the rescue at the top of the Ndoto Mountains.

The helicopter that brought Ndotto  Ndotto on arrival

Keeper greeting Ndotto  Near the stockades

Ndotto in the park  The tiny nursery babies



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