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 A July Report from the DSWT Aerial Unit - 8/21/2014
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As the Parks continue to dry up fast the number of elephants around permanent remaining water sources has increased significantly, in turn increasing the number of incidents of illegal activities.  To counteract this rise in prohibited activities both the DSWT Aerial Unit and the KWS/DSWT Anti-poaching ground teams are patrolling extensively to achieve a constant security presence, which is more vital than ever at this time of the year.  

This time last year the DSWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Unit operating within the Tsavo Conservation Area treated in excess of 30 cases, whereas this year for the same month the number of cases has been significantly reduced, which is a positive sign of successful security and anti-poaching measures.  

The DSWT Aerial Unit was called in to help with several veterinary treatments and elephant searches during July, whilst also working with the KWS in combating extensive charcoal burning, livestock intrusion and helping to make several arrests of poachers.  The Unit was also present at the KWS Manyani Academy graduation of community rangers including 21 of the DSWT's rangers.


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