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 Siena, the Marsh Pride Lioness Injured again! - 8/25/2014
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Siena, already a famous Mara lioness of the Marsh Pride, became even more widely known after she was gored by a buffalo on the 4th April 2014, nearly severing her hind leg completely.  Her story and remarkable recovery was followed by hundreds of thousands around the world.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s funded Sky Vet was alerted to provide timely treatment for the near fatal wound, and this was done by KWS Veterinary Officer Dr. Njoroge. The DSWT/KWS Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit was on off duty at that time, but attended the follow up treatments with KWS Veterinary Officer Dr. Limo operating on three subsequent occasions. Miraculously, after four months her wound had completely healed, with only a small scar remaining and better still all three of her young cubs had survived.

On the 23rd of August the DSWT/KWS Masai Mara Mobile Veterinary Team was once again alerted by Governors Camp manager Patrick Reynolds regarding the fate of Siena as she had been injured once again; this time in a fight with another female lioness.

Siena's wound has been opened up  Siena injured again

The Mara Vet Unit responded rapidly, ready to dart Siena for a fourth time in a completely unrelated incident and what seemed to be an unbelievable turn of bad luck. The Vet team found Siena with multiple lacerations and bite wounds on her back legs and tail, but worse still the wound that had taken so long to heal had been opened up once again.

Dr Limo prepares the dart gun  The drugs take effect on Siena

The fresh wound  The wound is cleaned

All her wounds were cleaned and treated with antibiotics, antiseptic spray and green clay.

Antispectic spray is applied  Green Clay applied to Siena's wounds

The wound on her left flank was stitched back together and she was successfully revived to be with her cubs.

Siena being stitched up  The anaesthetic being reversed

There seems to be a lot of politics within the Marsh Pride at the moment, with Siena's older offspring moving away from the main group forming a breakaway pride. When they do meet up there seems to now be tension and conflict between the females, particularly when there are cubs present. This situation can quickly escalate and it’s likely that Siena had an altercation with another female from her pride. The prognosis for Siena is good, she is strong and in good condition so should recover from this injury quickly. We already know she has a strong constitution after surviving a severe buffalo goring whilst raising three cubs. The Governors Camp Staff and the Mara Vet Unit will continue to monitor her progress and be on hand should she require follow up treatments.

Siena's cubs move off whilst she is treated  Siena walks off to her  cubs

Many thanks to the Governors Camp Guides and Management, and to the DSWT funded Mara Mobile Veterinary team with KWS Veterinary Officer Dr. Limo for their quick action. 

Sub adult sits with Siena's cubs

This Unit is funded through the DSWT by the Minara Trust.


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