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 The DSWT Aerial Surveillance Unit August Report - 9/18/2014
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Very strong winds over the dry landscape of the Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) during August created challenging flying conditions for the DSWT’s Aerial Unit especially the low-level flying Supercubs, yet despite this the pilots flew a combined total of 70.7 hours covering a massive 12, 577kms.

The helicopter and the two Supercubs were exceptionally busy throughout the month receiving numerous reports of injured elephants within the TCA as well as further afield in Amboseli National Park and Masai Mara, where the helicopter was needed urgently to support a number of injured elephants, which had been attacked by local communities with spears and arrows.  

Above and beyond site-specific reports received, the Aerial Unit continued to patrol diligently over the TCA during August, monitoring the area for signs of illegal activities and poaching whilst providing a vital security presence for the large numbers of elephant and wildlife which are now gathering at the remaining water sources left in the area.

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