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 Fighting for their Lives - Elephants and Humans march together - 10/5/2014
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Today the World Marched for Elephants and Rhinos and a year on from the launch of the iworry campaign's International March for Elephants and Rhinos, we organized a special event at our Nairobi Orphanage.

Mbegu and her keeper at the March for Elephants  Public Visiting hour joins the march

Elephant orphans in our care, many of whom have lost their mother's to ivory poachers, walked side by side with their keepers and the public, under the banner - Fighting for their lives!

Ashaka and the iworry campaign placard  Dupotto at the March for Elephants

These elephants have been directly impacted by the illegal ivory trade and it is for their future and that of their wild kin across Africa and Asia that today, in over 100 cities globally, thousands of people have taken to the streets.The world must know what is happening and must act to save the species.

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Sokotei reaches for his own placard  Keepers and elephants marching together

The crowd with placards  Kithaka waves a placard

Arruba Supports the cause  Kithaka and his Keeper march together

Mbegu Soil Bathing during the March for Elephants  Lasayen with iworry placard

iworry with keepers walking away

Kamok kissing the iworry placard  Murit taking his bottle with his keeper


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