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 Injured Mara Lioness Bibi's Progress after Veterinary Treatment - 11/18/2014
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On the 12th of November DSWT received a call from Patrick Reynolds of Governors Camp about a lioness in the Mara who’d been spotted by one of the senior camp guides, Moses Manduka, Bibi had been missing for a few days and it was clear to Moses, an experienced guide that an injury to the rear left paw was causing her serious pain when walking and he noted too that she was very thin.

The left foot is being examined  Cleaning the wound

The DSWT/KWS Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit attended the scene that afternoon and KWS Vet Dr. Limo, who heads the unit commenced medical treatment. The injury was suspected to be the result of a bite wound, most likely from a fracas with a spotted hyena.

The team set up at 4.00pm

The first phalange bone on the rear left claw pad had been broken and Dr. Limo had to remove the lower part of the bone.

A phalange is found to be broken  The phalange is taken out

The claw sheath was inflamed from infection, so this area was thoroughly cleaned out, while additional lesions on the heel just above the tibia were cleaned, and antibiotic cream applied.

Another wound is cleaned and sprayed  Clay is also put on

The lioness, named ‘Bibi’, is well known in the area, aged about 15 years and has long resided within the Marsh and Bila Shaka environs.

Lioness Bibi has been given the 'wake up' drug at 5.00pm  Lioness Bibi has just been darted at 4.05pm

Bibi was seen again in the late morning on the 17th November in the south Marsh area of the river bed Bila Shaka. Despite her injuries the Governors Camp guides reported seeing Bibi astonishingly help Marsh Lioness Charm, and two sub adult lionesses pull down a young Zebra mare whilst Tatu the sub adult male looked on. Charm then walked back to the Bila shaka crossing and called her cubs who came running out of the Croton thickets towards the dead zebra with the first cub to reach the scene promptly greeted Bibi.

Bibi chills out  Bibi greeted by Charms cub

This is yet another example of the amazing healing powers of large cats when professional veterinary services are implemented.

Bibi full of Zebra south of Marsh


The DSWT/KWS team is very proud to be able to help care for the few remaining lion in this small area and is deeply grateful for the continuous monitoring and support from Governor’s Camp guides and management. 


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