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 The DSWT Aerial Surveillance Unit October Report - 11/17/2014
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The month began with the sighting of three wounded elephants in the Bachuma area of Tsavo East NP and a further six wounded elephants were seen later on in the month on the 21st of October. All the elephants requiring medical treatment, except one which was sadly never seen again, were attended to by the Tsavo DSWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Unit assisted by pilot Neville Sheldrick in the Super Cub and the Trust’s helicopter. All were given a 100% chance of survival.

Extensive patrols have been carried out in the Northern Area during the month as the dry season not only brings in large numbers of cattle but possible threats of poachers in search of elephants, which are easily targeted around the remaining isolated waterholes. As a result of the regular patrols it has been possible to monitor the movements of the elephants which have been focused around two common areas. Both the KWS and the DSWT ground teams have followed up with foot patrols in those areas. Due to these increased security measures there have been no reported incidences of elephants being poached in the Northern Area whilst one shooting platform was sighted from the air and destroyed by the ground teams. 




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