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 Saving Tsavo's Giants - 2/4/2015
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Working with KWS the DSWT teams have been hard at work in recent weeks saving some of Tsavo’s Giants from poison arrow wounds.  This crude but effective mode of poaching has been Tsavo’s curse for decades.  In late January a huge bull was spotted by DSWT’s chief pilot while on aerial patrol with a weeping wound in his side, and immediately KWS vet Dr. Poghon who heads the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust operated Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit, kindly funded by Vier pfoten, responded.  This big bull’s treatment was challenging given that he was far from any road network.  Thankfully the logistics were overcome and timely treatment saved his life. 



Yesterday, together with the KWS/DSWT Ziwani anti poaching team, working closely with DSWT chief pilot Nick Trent, two more injured bulls were sighted from the air in Tsavo West National Park.  Both were darted and treated successfully by Dr. Poghon, The first one darted yesterday had a large arrow wound but no arrow present, and the other big tusker had an arrow removed from his right flank.


Today a third bull in Tsavo West was located from the air and poisoned arrow wounds treated by the same teams and thankfully all three are expected to make a full recovery thanks to the rapid timely response and collaborative work of KWS and DSWT.   



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