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 Elephant bull treated on the 23rd of Feb - 2/27/2015
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On Feb 23 2015, while on regular patrol in the southern Tsavo East NP, one of our pilots in the Trust's Super Cub sighted a bull elephant with a severe arrow wound in his left flank.

The DSWT funded KWS Vet and his team were on site by 1330. A DSWT team of stockade keepers was also on site to help out.

By 1430 the bull was down having been followed closely by one vehicle. The bull was among his 14 large friends which made the job a little more tricky. A skillful bit of driving and a well placed dart resulted in the big bull being left behind by his compatriots to go down perfectly in the open seven minutes after being darted. The team moved in swiftly, and with the help of a KWS security team the bull was treated. About 40 litres of puss was drained from the wound and a 5kg piece of necrotic flesh removed.



The bull was back on his feet shortly after doses of antibiotics, a thorough cleaning of his wound and a final treatment of green clay. He headed off to join his friends, to face another day and a future ahead of him where there is always a threat of future poaching attempts for his large tusks. As prices of ivory rise, and demand for ivory continues to soar, each of these big bulls is a target to ivory hungry poachers. The KWS/DSWT ground teams, Super Cubs and the Trust's helicopter are hard at work each day to provide security for these valuable beasts. With support of our friends around the world this is made possible.


Thank you for your suppport. 

Nick Trent DSWT Chief Pilot




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