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 Trust Funded Lifesaving Boreholes Repaired - 3/28/2015
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This month in the height of the dry season a couple of our heavily relied upon boreholes and their windmills, which the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has funded within the Southern sector of Tsavo East National Park, failed.  This is due to the extremely corrosive nature of the water which necessitated moving parts to be replaced.

Water corrosion

Thankfully, due to the hard work of so many, the boreholes were up and running without too much delay; filling the water troughs and overflowing into the mud wallows beyond.

Fixing the water trough foundations  Thousands of animals will flock to this live saving water source

These provide vital and much relied upon water for hundreds of animals; from the elephant herds of Tsavo to the plains game and predators.

Elephants rely on these water sources in the dry season  Water over flows and fills the mud wallows

Not only did the Trust fund the drilling of these boreholes, but provides all the on-going maintenance to help the Kenya Wildlife Service alleviate the water challenges in dry seasons once the natural waterholes have dried.

Repairing the Windfill  


DSWT have commissioned the fifth borehole near Kanderi where fresh water now spills into three water troughs and a waterhole beyond.  


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