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 Reunited; a happy ending for one elephant family - 6/29/2015
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It was another beautiful day on the 27th of June down in Tsavo East with the Voi elephant keepers and the Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit engaged in a normal day’s activities when a call was received that changed the day, and things went from normal to extraordinary.  The Tsavo East KWS headquarter radio room received news about a troubled wild elephant mother who stood by helplessly watching her tiny calf drowning in a steep sided water catchment area on the Mzima Springs pipeline. 

KWS immediately called on the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Voi Keeper’s and their expertise to help rescue the situation. The rescue proved extremely challenging with two wild elephant herds highly charged and remaining at the scene trying their level best to protect their baby, and by doing so inhibiting the rescue team from approaching. A second vehicle was able to provide the buffer required for a rapid intervention and our brave Voi elephant keepers were able to leave their vehicle, grapple with the calf, lifting her to safety with the help of straps so that she could be tenderly enveloped in her natal herd once more and reunited with her by now frantic mother.

Keepers moving in to rescue the trapped calf  Rescuing a sticken calf

 It was the best possible outcome, and it is these sorts of days and happy endings that give one so much satisfaction. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has managed to save so many stricken baby elephants in time to reunite them with their mother and herd, and thankfully this was another.  Watching the relief, the love and the tenderness as the wet and slippery baby took comfort in the midst of her adoring family made hearts swell.

The baby is reunited with her mother and herd



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