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 DSWT supports Chyulu National Park and donates a new land rover to KWS to further enhance security patrols in the region - 7/30/2015
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In an effort to contribute towards the protection of wildlife and its habitat The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has recently donated a new customised land rover to the Kenya Wildlife Service earmarked for Chyulu Hills National Park.

DSWT funds and operates two anti poaching teams within the Park - the Kenze and Chyulu teams - who both work tirelessly together with the Kenya Wildlife Service.  DSWT also has a concession with the Kenya Forest Service to manage and protect the unique and ancient ground water Kibwezi Forest, an area of 18,000 acres and home to our third and latest elephant orphan rehabilitation Unit.    Kibwezi Forest and the springs that lie within are fenced into the Chyulu National Park, increasing the biodiversity in the area and DSWT has funded and continues to maintain the 58 kilometres of electric fencing to help mitigate human wildlife conflict and further boost security in the area.  



The Chyulu Hills National Park falls within the giant Tsavo conservation area, an area which encompasses some 60,000 square kilometres in extent and Kenya's most important wildlife refuge with a biodiversity that is unrivalled.  Working in partnership with the stake holders DSWT is committed to supporting this important and picturesque National Park,  which with its mist forests is not only a vital water catchment for the region, but is also home to some of Kenya’s last remaining free roaming black rhinos.  It gives us great pleasure to support our closest partners in conservation, the Kenya Wildlife Service, with this the first of a number of vehicle donations for conservation to which we are committed in 2015.


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