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  DSWT Aerial Surveillance Unit July Report - 8/23/2015
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This month the DSWT’s dedicated Aerial Surveillance Unit flew over 100 hours covering over 14,000kms throughout the Tsavo Conservation Area, monitoring and providing protection to the wildlife and environment of Tsavo’s Parks, Protected Areas and bordering community ranches. 

Typically, when Tsavo dries out there is a rise in illegal activity, especially elephant poaching, which is made easier for the poachers when elephants begin to congregate around fewer, shrinking waterholes and springs. July was no exception, with a sharp increase in poaching in many parts of the Park towards the end of the month.

Activities of the Aerial Unit during the month included supporting the KWS/DSWT Veterinary Units in treating numerous injured elephants, spotting and reporting to the KWS and DSWT anti-poaching ground teams the locations of poaching structures such as shooting blinds and platforms as well as the locations of livestock incursion and charcoal burning.

This month the Unit was also instrumental in the follow-up operation of the 5 elephants poached at the end of the month in Tsavo West.  More information on these activities can be found in our monthly Aerial Report.




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