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 A Cat with Nine Lives - Marsh Lioness Sienna treated again - 8/25/2015
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Marsh lioness Sienna was treated again in the Bila Shaka region of Musiara for wounds to her left and right flanks below the hip. The left wound had been opened up again to reveal deep scar tissue. She was first treated back in April 2014 by the DSWT operated Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit and subsequently treated for the original horrendous wound on a number of occasions until she made a full recovery. 

Sienna's injury  Sienna's injury

Sienna on the road to recovery  Sienna and her cubs

We all suspect that Sienna was involved in a fracas with other lionesses in conflicting home range overlap and it is likely this most recent incident happened up to four days ago causing this setback.

Governors camp head guide Moses Munduku notified Patrick Reynolds, Governers Camp, of Sienna's condition early in the afternoon of the 23rd ofAugust, and the David Sheldrick wildlife Trust Mobile Veterinary Unit headed by KWS Veterinarian Dr. Limo and DSWT Veterinary Assistance Felix responded immediately. Treatment commenced at 4.00pm and finished by 6.45pm.

Darting Sienna  Getting ready

Her wounds were cleaned and the left side muscle tissue stitched.

Wound is checked  Wound is cleaned

Stitching wound

The wound and deep lacerations on the right side were cleaned out after which green clay was applied to all wounds.

Another wound on right side  Clay to the wound


Her left tibia and metatarsal bone were severely bitten into and subsequently the wounds were infested with fly larvae, these were all cleaned and flushed out. Throughout the operation she was given a drip as she was extremely dehydrated. Finally extensive antibiotic anti-inflammatory drugs were administered.

Cleaning wounds on paw


We will be monitoring Sienna’s progress in the coming days and weeks and hope she will make a full recovery.  A cat with nine lives.  


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