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 July Report from the DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Units - 8/26/2015
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In the month of July the DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Units had a busy month, partly due to the heightening of the dry season.   551 snares were recovered and collected by the teams in total, including mostly small and medium sizes snares set to trap dikdiks and small antelopes, as well as a number of larger snares set to capture larger game and even elephants. 

The teams also made 56 arrests including 13 bush-meat poachers and 2 ivory poachers.  The ivory poachers are thought to be involved in the poaching of the 5 elephants slaughtered in Tsavo West towards the end of the month.  The KWS continue to investigate into the Tsavo West tragedy and track down others involved in the crime.

Other notable incidences included the Tiva team working on a successful anti-poaching ambush using the KWS Dog Unit and the DSWT helicopter where two bush-meat poachers were tracked and arrested in Tsavo East.  The Burra team was also successful in extracting a baby elephant from a water point with help from the Voi Keepers.  Several teams were also integral in the location and treatment of a number of elephants injured through poaching incidences during the month.

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