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 Siena, the Cat with Nine Lives, given a good chance of survival - 9/15/2015
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Marsh lioness Siena was first treated back in April 2014 for a severe wound to her flank after she was gored by a buffalo. The video of her treatment received many hits through social media as her wounds were so horrendous and Siena became famous overnight. To everyone's amazement, after a few follow up treatments, Siena made a full recovery with only a small scar remaining, and all her dependent cubs survived.

Siena's first treatment  Siena healing after repeat treatments

On the 23rd of August 2014 DSWT/KWS Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit was once again alerted by Governors Camp Guides regarding Siena. She had been injured again but this time in a fight with another female. The Mara Vet Unit responded rapidly and found Siena with multiple lacerations and bite wounds to her back legs and tail, but worse still the wound that had taken so long to heal had been opened up once more. Again Siena beat all the odds and made a complete recovery after a fourth treatment for a completely unrelated incident and what seemed to be an unbelievable turn of bad luck.

Siena Injured again  Siena after treatment on the 23rd Aug 2014

Then, one year later to the day, on the 23rd August 2015, the Veterinary Team were called once again by Governors Camp Management; it was Siena.

Again she was suspected to have been involved in a fracas with other lionesses in conflicting home range overlap and again her original wound had been opened up. After her wounds were cleaned and re-stitched she was given a guarded prognosis due to the extent of her injuries and the involvement of her old wound.

Siena's injury on 23rd Aug 2015  Siena treated for the 5th time

Nearly two weeks later Marsh Lioness Siena was sighted early in the morning by Governors camp head guide Moses Manduku and subsequently treated for the sixth time by the DSWT/KWS Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit. At the time of her last treatment Siena looked thin and emaciated but she has improved tenfold and looks well fed and much healthier than two weeks ago.

Siena looking much healthier  Siena darted for the 6th time

The vet team at work  The wound already healing and closing up

KWS Vet, Dr Limo, was pleased to report on examination that both her wounds have improved and are healing and closing up. Siena is again beating the odds and healing miraculously and Dr Limo was very impressed with the condition of her wound.

Dr Limo is impressed with Siena's improvement  Antiseptic spray applied to the wound

We are pleased to report there is now a strong chance of her pulling through after this last treatment and we can only hope Siena stays out of trouble in the future.

Siena sedated for the 6th time for treatment  Applying green clay to the wound

The vet treating Siena once again  Siena, on the road to recovery


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