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 DSWT Partners with Google to share a virtual tour of the orphanage - 9/15/2015
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Every day, we at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust welcome hundreds of visitors to our Nursery in Nairobi National Park. But from today thanks to Google’s Street View Trekker, millions more can get a glimpse of our famous centre which orphaned elephants, rhinos and even a family of warthogs calls home by taking a virtual walk with Street View.

As part of this exciting project, virtual visitors can walk the same trails that orphaned elephants and their elephant carers have walked for the past 38 years and get a glimpse into Nursery life and the infamous mudbath at: http://www.google.com/maps/streetview/#samburu-kenya/the-david-sheldrick-wildlife-trust

Nestled deep in Nairobi National Park, the Nursery is currently home to 29 orphaned elephants. Because of habitat destruction, ivory poaching and human wildlife conflict that often leaves behind orphaned infant elephants, our Nursery provides a safe haven for these innocent victims. Taking a walk through the Nursery, viewers will explore the paths and trails the infants take, see a mud bath in action and walk around the stables that the orphaned elephants sleep in at night for warmth and protection, accompanied by their elephant Keepers.

Merging conservation and technology, Google’s Street View Trekker shares the beauty of our Nursery and the Samburu National Reserve, via Save the Elephants and Lewa Conservancy, and allows us to share the beauty of these majestic animals and magical places with a global audience.

For the first time in Google Maps, people can virtually experience the magic of elephants in Samburu, and take their own self-directed journey through the savannah alongside them. You can now ‘walk’ along an elephant corridor near the Lewa Conservancy; built to avoid human-elephant conflict and help the elephants migrate under a freeway underpass, as well as experience the magic of the Samburu and the DSWT Orphanage.

Learn more by watching this short film by Google    

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