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 DSWT/KWS November Anti-Poaching Report - 12/16/2015
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November saw the start of the rains, which soaked the parched soils of the Tsavo Conservation Area and filled the rivers and water holes.  The rains always cause dispersal of wildlife, which can gradually move more freely due to the increase of vegetation and access to water. The DSWT anti-poaching teams, along with their KWS partners, have been actively patrolling throughout the month yet due to the wet and muddy road conditions most patrols were made on foot.

The presence of poachers in the park has been significantly reduced due to the rains and the fact that most subsistence poachers are back home in their farms planting crops, although 6 offenders were arrested for bush-meat poaching. A few tracks of possible elephant poachers have been followed but hampered by the rains.

Crop raiding elephants occupied the time of two of the DSWT’s teams this month. Assisting KWS rangers the teams managed to push the wild elephants back into safe areas, protecting the communities and the elephants. 

The DSWT Aerial Unit during this time has been extra vigilant, assisting the ground teams when necessary. Despite reduced poaching incidents the teams recovered and collected nearly 200 snares, destroyed a number of shooting platforms and hideouts whilst apprehending charcoal burners and livestock herders.

You can read all of the unit's anti-poaching activities during November here:



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