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 A Christmas Surprise; The Return of Siria - 12/18/2015
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On the 18th of December the Keepers at our Voi Rehabilitation Unit were treated to a wonderful Christmas surprise when ex orphan SIRIA returned in the company of Emily’s herd to visit, after an absence of over a year. He is looking magnificently handsome and interacted warmly with both Emily and Lesanju’s herd and greeted the Keepers with enthusiasm.

Siria returns  Siria follows Lesanju

 It is heart-warming indeed to see him again, and one cannot help reflect on the tragic little calf who stood vigil by the side of his ailing mother for many weeks, in isolation of any other elephant herds. When his mother did not improve despite multiple veterinary interventions, she was euthanized and her lonely little calf rescued and brought to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Fast forward seven years since his rescue and we have handsome SIRIA today, still popping in from time to time to check on old friends, clearly he has not forgotten the kindness shown that saved his life.

Siria in the midst of Lesanju's herd  Siria following Emily's herd

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