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 Elephant Bull Trapped in a Well on Loisaba Ranch - 6/28/2016
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On the 16th June Loisaba Ranch contacted the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to inform them an adult elephant had been found trapped in one of the wells on the ranch.  Given the distances involved and the need for a hasty response DSWT’s Sky Vet collected KWS vet Dr Bernard Rono and flew him to the site. Once the team arrived, they were able to ascertain that the elephant was a young bull around 18 years of age, and he had become severely lodged inside the concrete walls of a very small well.

The bulls head sticking out of the well  Elephant Bull trapped in the well

The elephant was clearly tired but otherwise unharmed  The digger bringing sand and material to raise the water level

With the assistance of the Loisaba maintenance team, KWS Rangers along with the DSWT’s Sky Vet team decided to try the conservative approach bringing sand and rocks collected by a digger and placed manually into the well to raise the ground level. It was soon evident that this approach was proving hopeful with the elephant able to struggle onto his side leaning on the outside of the well. Finally the elephant bull was eventually able to climb out by himself. Although there were superficial wounds to his legs, the bull was able to walk away without any further treatment required.

The elephant bull exhausted after his ordeal  The elephant hauling himself out

Hauling himself out of the well  Walking away after climbing out of the well

Walking safely away from the scene


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