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  The DSWT/KWS July Anti-Poaching Report - 8/30/2016
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It has been an incredibly busy month for all the DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Units with all teams present and active in the field.  Following last month with the arrival of the new Yatta Unit, the new Mobile Unit was also deployed this month for full-time patrols providing security and surveillance where they are needed the most throughout the Tsavo

Conservation Area.   With these two new units rolled out this year the DSWT are now funding and managing a total of 10 teams who all work together with dedicated armed KWS rangers in support of the Kenya Wildlife Service's efforts in the field.

Now, in the height of the dry season, illegal incidences have increased in the greater area whilst so has each unit's successful outcomes.  This month a total of 1107 snares were collected from the field and recovered from arrested poachers.  This is a huge number of snares including a variety of small wire snares set for dik-diks and other small antelope ranging to large snares laid to trap buffalo and even elephants.

Elephant carcas that part of the tusks had been recovered in Kishushe area  Recoverd dikdik meat found in a hideout at Leslau area

Poacher arrested at Bisadi Area  Patrol team lifted snares in Kimweli area

Overall during July, the teams made 107 arrests, which is double the number compared to last month, which can in part be contributed to the rise in illegal activities during the dry season as well as the increased number of teams operating in the area and more boots on the ground.  These arrests included 19 bush-meat poachers and two ivory poachers.  The new Mobile Unit ambushing and arresting 1 of those ivory poachers as well as 4 bush-meat poachers.  In total the teams confiscated 33.5 kilograms of bush-meat, mostly that of dik-dik.  Other arrests made included charcoal burners, livestock herders, loggers and a number of other offenders illegally entering the Parks.



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