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  The DSWT/KWS September Anti-Poaching Report - 10/21/2016
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Tsavo’s long dry season continues into September and the teams have continued to focus their efforts on providing a security presence in known poacher hotspots especially around remaining watering holes and rivers, as wildlife, and particularly elephants, continue to stay close to where they can access water.

In total the teams collected 654 snares with the Meru team collecting the largest number of snares, which is the case most months as bush-meat poaching continues to be a threat to Meru National Park and its environs.  There has also been an increase in the number of cable snares and cable-pit traps found by the teams within the TCA this month, mostly aimed at trapping elephants. 

In total the teams made 32 arrests this month with the Chyulu team making 10 arrests including 3 for charcoal burning, 5 for livestock incursion and 2 for logging activity in the park.   The Ziwani team likewise had a successful month with the arrest of 7 bush-meat poachers all caught with bush-meat and tools whilst inside the park.  The Mobile and Burra teams also made arrests of bush-meat poachers during September.   Overall 13kgs of bushmeat was confiscated.


You can read about these activities and more in our month Anti-Poaching Report:



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