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 DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Report October 2016 - 11/18/2016
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October was a busy month for the Anti-Poaching Units operating in the Tsavo Conservation Area.  The continued drought saw a further increase in bushmeat poaching activities with an escalation in the numbers of snares found by the teams as well as a general increase in many illegal activities. 

In total the teams collected 809 snares with the Yatta team collecting 355 individual snares of which 115 were confiscated directly from poachers they apprehended.   46 arrests were made this month including 2 ivory poachers caught in the park with poisoned arrows and supplies and 8 bush-meat poachers who had bush-meat and snares in their possession.  The remaining arrests involved livestock intrusion, charcoal burning, logging and grass harvesting. The Kenze team experienced high levels of illegal activities during October including the confiscation of over 60kgs of bushmeat from 2 captured bushmeat poachers and the collection of a high number of snares. 

5 wildlife rescues were also attended by the teams including 2 elephant rescues, a baby buffalo and a zebra.  The teams also supported the Veterinary Units in treating three elephants during the month.  Four elephant carcasses were also discovered and the ivory found was handed over to the KWS.

You can read about these activities and more in our monthy Anti-Poaching Report:




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