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 An update about Solio - 1/24/2011
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SOLIO first arrived into our care as a feisty calf of just six months old, who gave the Keepers a real run around.  For weeks the men persevered trying to calm her down, scratching her with a bottle brush attached to a long stick, and feeding her milk with a hose pipe, ensuring they had a healthy distance between them and her.  Little by little she began to trust them, and so they edged ever closer.    

A playful Solio  Mud baths accompanied by dust baths are enjoyed most

Solio  Solio dashing around playfully

Today, six months on,  SOLIO is completely in love with her Keepers, following them trustingly every where, and although reluctant in the beginning she now adores her daily mudbath too.  She is extremely playful, which is always a good indicator of any orphan’s emotional state.  SOLIO is also well tolerated by Shida another of our rhino orphans who has grown up and lives the life of a wild and free rhino assimilated back into the Nairobi National Park rhino community.  Being creatures of habit and routine, his original stockade remains very much part of his territory, and he ambles past SOLIO’s night stockade most evenings taking time to greet and interact with her.   MAXWELL our blind rhino who lives in a stockade next door remains hooked on her too, so while she loves her Keepers who have successfully replaced the void left by the death of her mother, she remains with rhino interaction daily which will be important in the future.  She is a beautiful rhino, with a lovely nature, and it is heartwarming to see her so happy and settled.

Solio enjoying a mud rub by the Keepers  Solio enjoying her daily mudbath

Solio relaxed  Solio



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