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  1. An update about Maalim - A tiny black rhino - 2/17/2009 (RHINO UPDATE)

    Miniature “Maalim”, our tiny newborn rhino who arrived in the Nursery on the l9th December 2008, having been orphaned when his rhino mother abandoned him within the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Tsavo West National Park is now 2 months old. (read more)

  1. Maalim's rescue - 12/20/2008 (RHINO UPDATE)

    The Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, is a 35 acre electrically fenced enclave within Tsavo West National Park where the remaining rhinos within the Tsavo ecosystem and others moved from human settled areas, are kept under tight security having been brought together for breeding purposes in an attempt to retrieve the species from annihilation through rampant poaching for their horn. (read more)

    The tiniest rhino ever seen Tiny Maalim dwafted by the stable door Maalim with Roan (Angela's younger son) Maalim with Kingoo in his stable
  1. Maxwell's update - 6/9/2008 (RHINO UPDATE)

    Maxwell has being causing us concern, suffering from diarrheoa which eventually necessitated a course of Sulphadimidine anti-biotic, followed by the usual Acidopholis to restore his stomach flora. (read more)

    Maxwell and Zoom Zoom A close up of Maxwell's eye
  1. Maxwell's eyes - 1/12/2008 (RHINO UPDATE)

    Today, on the 11th January 2008 we found out once and for all that Maxwell's blindness is beyond help. (read more)

    Dr. Antony Goodhead examines Maxwell's eye with ultrasound
  1. Maxwell update - 11/28/2007 (RHINO UPDATE)


    Earlier this year The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust received a young rescued rhino calf of one year old which was found abandoned by his mother. (read more)

    Taru Carr-Hartley, Angela's son, with Maxwell A close up of Maxwell's eye Angela and Maxwell

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