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  1. Maxwell and Shida update - 6/6/2007 (RHINO UPDATE)

    Following the surgery to remove the cataract from Max’s left blind eye, which was undertaken by one of Kenya’s top eye Specialists, Dr. (read more)

    Maxwell Shida Maxwell and Shida Maxwell resting
  1. The rescue of MAX - 3/8/2007 (RHINO UPDATE)

     The 6th February 2007 began as an ordinary day, but ended up anything but ordinary due to the discovery of blind yearling baby rhino in the Park forest about 3 kms. (read more)

    Max on the day he arrived Max with his blind eyes Max after a mudbath Max sleeping the day after he was rescued
  1. Shida Update - 1/20/2007 (RHINO UPDATE)

    Good News! Our orphaned Rhino, 4 year old Shida, who suffered a prolapsed rectum, underwent three surgical interventions under anaesthesia to correct the problem, is once again now fit and well, with a rear end that looks perfectly normal. (read more)

    Shida came to us as a tiny calf dwarfed by his stable Shida 20.01.07 Shida during one of his operations Shida thankfully back to his normal self

    Whenever one takes on an orphaned rhino, one can expect a roller-coaster of highs and lows, for the life of such ancient, territorial creatures is complex and filled with possible pitfalls. (read more)

    Shida just before his operation Shida during his operation The revival drug is administered Shida after his operation
  1. Shida becomes more independent - 9/13/2006 (RHINO UPDATE)

    Shida features prominently in this month’s Keepers Diary, for he has taken to frequently and escaping from, and deliberately evading, his Keepers, having obviously decided that he is now sufficiently confident on his own to qualify as a“wild” and solitary rhino, having been walked around the dungpiles and urinals of the wild rhino inhabitants of the area for the past three years. (read more)

    Shida September 2006 Shida Shida with zebra behind Shida chases the wild zebra

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