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 The birth of the DSWT's Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit - 3/14/2007
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As of the first of March, thanks to funding from Rex Dobie of the Minara Foundation, and working with the Kenyan Wildlife Service, the Trust has recently established a second fully equipped Mobile Veterinary Unit which covers the Central Rift.  This area includes the Maasai Mara, (recently proclaimed one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and deservedly so), the rift Valley including Lake Naivasha and its environs and Lake Nakuru National Park.   This comes in the wake of the success of our first Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit which is now four years old.


This new Veterinary Unit, which will be run along the same lines as our Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit has a Kenya Wildlife Service Veterinarian seconded to the project, namely Dr. Dominec Mijele.  The need for this Unit is extremely pressing to alleviate the suffering of sick and wounded animals in all these areas, many suffering from snaring for the infamous Bushmeat Trade.   It is all too prevalent to find animals with snares taught around their limbs and bodies, or else suffering from spear and poisoned arrow wounds in immense pain and in desperate need of help.  The wildlife in all these regions is both bountiful and beautiful, and all the areas in which the Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit will operate are prime tourist havens.  With a well equipped Unit based in the area to ensure rapid and efficient attention to all cases, we are proud to be able to step in and to make a difference on a daily basis.  



Treating a Zebra  Treating a Zebra with a snare wound

Treating an elephant with an arrow wound in the leg  A buffalo died from disease


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