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 The rescue of two fully grown bull elephants trapped in a sept tank - Tsavo West National Park - 9/15/2007
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The Tsavo Mobile Veterinary unit run by The David Sheldrick WildlifeTrust thanks to a grant from Vier Photen, were called to Ngulia inTsavo West to assist rescue two bull elephants that had fallen into the septic tank at the Ngulia safari lodge. The animals were resting on the septic tank the previous night when the roofing slab gave in to their weight throwing the animals into the fully filled 10 feet sewage tank beneath. By the time the David Sheldrick WildlifeTrust team arrived on the scene,  half the tank had been drained using a water pump giving some relief to the elephants. Upon evaluating the scene and considering the possible options available it was decided the best course of action was to create an escape route on the one side of the tank so that eventually the animals would be able to climb out on their own.  Thanks to the dug escape route,  filling up the tank with soil as well, along with the continued drainage of the sewage, the two bulls were eventually able to climb to safety.

The septic tank is to be reconstructed under supervision so as to adhere to set standards to avoid any similar accidents in the future.  





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