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 The rescue of Isiolo - 4/7/2009
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The morning of Saturday 4th April brought another Rescue alert, this time from the Kenya Wildlife Service Senior Warden based at Isiolo, a man named Mailu who was involved in the rescue of Orphan Rapsu when serving in Meru National Park under Mark Jenkins. He informed us that Samburu herdsmen come across the calf who had fallen into a deep erosion gulley, and that the mother and the herd had long gone. The herders managed to send a message to the Senior Warden Isiolo, who immediately sent Rangers to extract the calf and drive it to Lewa Downs Airfield. It was from there that he phoned the Trust.

Scenes from below  Flying past Mt. Kenya

Immediately, the rescue plane was mobilized and a couple of hours later the new Nursery arrival was with us - a baby bull of about 6 weeks old, whose ears were just beginning to turn dark on the hind-side but who had yet to cut his teeth. Although obviously traumatized, being so young, he had no fear and was trusting of the Keepers, immediately taking milk and rehyrants because he was so hungry. Mercifully he was also still in reasonable condition, but was extremely restless throughout that first night, bellowing constantly for his lost mother. This upset Lesanju greatly, who was desperate to come and comfort him. We named him "Isiolo" and after that first very restless night, he was out and about the next afternoon with all the others, cosseted and adored by Lesanju and the others who took him instantly into her great elephant heart, sensing his heartache and loss, having been there herself. Understanding that he is not alone, but among a herd of 15 others, he was much more settled during the second Nursery night, especially as little Kibo was brought next door and could be in contact through the separating bars. Isiolo is an adorable little chap, extremely affectionate and happily integrated into our miniature herd.  We have taken our time before adding little Isiolo to our fostering program as we wanted to be sure that he was making good progress first.

Isiolo upon arrival  Isiolo out with his others

Isiolo snuggling up to a keeper  Isiolo playing

Isiolo pushing a branch  Isiolo and Kimana

Isiolo and Josphat  Isiolo sniffing


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