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 The rescue of Tano - 7/28/2009
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Over the years we have become accustomed to 2 events that always seem to happen on a Sunday.  One is that all the Trust’s land line phones go out of order and the other is that if an elephant rescue is needed, it always seem to happen on a Sunday.  The 26th July was therefore not a surprise because both happened that day.

Tom Silvesters Family waiting for the rescue team at the airstrip  The keepers leaving Nairobi to rescue the orphan


Stefano Cheli of Cheli and Peacock Safaris came to the Turst’s noon mudbath to alert us that a baby elephant, (believed to be yet another poaching victim) had been seen on Loisaba Ranch in Laikipia the previous evening (25th ).  The Ranch Manager Tom Silvester set out to try and locate the calf on the morning of the 26th.  It was found at ‘boma Tano” (the 5th cattle holding area on the ranch), and was a baby female of only about 2 and half months of age.  Since Tom was unable to reach us via the landlines he had alerted Stefano Cheli that an elephant rescue was needed.  Too young to know fear, the baby was trusting of humans from the start, and instantly captured the hearts of the Ranch staff and the Managers children. They asked that she be named “Tano”.

The keepers give the orphan milk at the rescue sight  The keeper gives the orphan milk & re-hydrate fluid

The orphan follows the Keepers to the rescue plane together with the Silvester Family  The calf follows the DSWT Keepers to the rescue plane

The keepers lay the orphan on a matress for the flight to Nairobi  Lifting the calf onto the rescue plane

The keepers in the rescue plane with the orphan  During the flight


Baby Tano was flown to the Nursery that afternoon, given milk and elephant plasma and settled in instantly.  By month end she was doing well and became the 23rd ele baby in the Nursery.

Arrival at the airport in Nairobi  Tano in the rescue vehicle

Tano with one of the Keepers that rescued her  Tano having re-hydrate fluid upon arrival the the Nursery

The Keepers check the calf's health  Tano with James

Tano with a Keeper  Tano with her new friends at the Nairobi Nursery

Tano at the Nursery

Tano with the orphans and keepers in the bush


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