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 Aerial Surveillance Unit - 8/31/2009
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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Top Cub 5Y DTP has now arrived in Kenya, shipped from the USA where it was custom built to our specifications.   

In the coming months and years we can now look forward to effective aerial support for all of the Trust’s projects within the Tsavo Conservation Area, particularly our Anti Poaching and Mobile Veterinary Units.  We were able to purchase the aircraft thanks to  the generous response to our appeal, with donations made through the US Friends of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s UK Charity. 

The new Aerial Surveillance Unit also aims to provide assistance to the Kenya Wildlife Service towards the protection and management of Tsavo’s Conservation Area, which covers an approximate area of 60,000 km2.  The area contains three National Parks, (Tsavo East and West and Chyulu Hills National Parks.) two game reserves, a national reserve, ranches, farms and unassigned community lands.



The unit  (aircraft and pilot)  will be based at the DSWT’s field Headquarters,  abutting the Athi and Mtito river boundaries of Tsavo East National Park, strategically situated within the Tsavo Conservation Area. DONATE ONLINE NOW



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