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 National Geographic Magazine - 4/21/2010
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Nick Nichols, National Geographic’s award winning wildlife photographer, is presently documenting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Orphans’ Project, spending time in all three of the Trust’s Units, Nairobi, Ithumba and Voi, to feature the orphans and their rehabilitation back into the wilds of Tsavo in the magazine. It is anticipated the story will run in National Geographic sometime in early 2011, and Nick Nichols anticipates two separate trips   

Nick Nichols  Kibo with Dame Daphne

Michael "Nick" Nichols, a native of Alabama, is an award-winning photographer whose work has taken him to the most remote corners of the world. He became a staff photographer for the National Geographic Society in 1996 and was named editor at large for National Geographic in January 2008. From 1982 to 1995 he was a member of Magnum Photos, the prestigious cooperative founded by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa.

Nichols has photographed some 25 stories for National Geographic magazine, including "Redwoods: The Super Trees" (October 2009), breaking new ground in his photography of the world's tallest trees. His September 2008 National Geographic story "Family Ties, the Elephants of Samburu" was shown at the 20th anniversary of Visa Pour L'Image in France in fall 2008, and "Ivory Wars: Last Stand in Zakouma" (March 2007) has generated a large response from the public, raising awareness and funds to protect the elephants of Chad.

From 1999 to 2001 Nichols documented conservationist Mike Fay's Megatransect expedition across Africa. Fay walked 2,000 miles (3,219 kilometers) on foot from Congo's deepest rain forest to the Atlantic coast of Gabon, studying Africa's last great wilderness. Nichols's work from this undertaking can be seen in the 2001 National Geographic magazine articles "Megatransect: Across 1,200 Miles of Untamed Africa on Foot," "Green Abyss: Megatransect, Part II," and "End of the Line: Megatransect, Part III."

In 2005 National Geographic Books published The Last Place on Earth, a book featuring Nichols's photographs and Fay's journals from the Megatransect expedition. Nichols's work has also included: Keepers of the Kingdom, a photographic essay reflecting on changes in U.S. zoos; The Year of the Tiger, which focuses on the world's remaining tigers; and Brutal Kinship, a look at the timorous bond between man and chimpanzee, with text by Jane Goodall.



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