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 IMAX - 3D Film Born to be Wild - 7/21/2010
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An IMAX film crew has recently finished shooting a new 3D film about Dame Daphne Sheldrick and the orphan elephants called BORN TO BE WILD. The movie, which follows the elephants’ journey from rescue to their ultimate assimilation back into the wild elephant communities of Tsavo East National Park, also features an orangutan rehabilitation project in Borneo run by Orangutan Foundation International. The film is scheduled for release by Warner Bros. in IMAX theaters around the world on April 08, 2011.

Kalama  Kalama leaving her stable with Mischak

Roan with the orphans  Taru and Roan being filmed playing with the nursery orphans


Roan and Taru returning with the orphans in the evening  Roan Taru and Daphne


The Keepers playing with the orphans  Kilaguni, Sabachi and Chaimu practice walking into the trucks before being moved to Ithumba

The Keepers receiving a warm welcome from the Ithumba older orphans


Filming at Ithumba  Benjamin’s silhouette

Daphne being filmed  


Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick


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