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 Remembering Maalim - 10/19/2010
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Whilst visiting SOLIO Ranch in Laikipia on the 17th October, 2010, we received the sad news that our precious little rhino, Maalim, who was born premature on the l7th December 2008 in the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, Tsavo West National Park, died in his sleep, covered by his precious mattress.   Maalim had been unwell for sometime, having suffered from a serious onslaught of pneumonia.   Having been so premature, he was always more susceptible than usual to respiratory problems, but his sudden demise was unexpected, because his breathing had improved dramatically of late even though his long struggle with pneumonia left him suffering from pressure sores and a weakened hind limb due to all the injections he underwent.

Maalim born premature he was the tiniest rhino known to man  Maalim enchanted all those who came into contact with him, here with Taru Carr-Hartley

Maalim would have been two years old in December, but was the same size as our latest rhino arrival, “SOLIO”, who is 6 months old, her birth date known by the Ranch Security as 1st April, 2010.   Perhaps he would never have been able to make it as a wild rhino bull who has to fight for territory and rank, so perhaps his peaceful and painless end should be viewed as a blessing in disguise.   During his short life, he was adored and much loved, and above all, he was happy and playful, living each day to the full, until the pneumonia took its toll.  

  Maalim December 2008 - October 2010


Maalim - Born 17th December 2008

Maalim - Januaru 2009 copy  Maalim and his mattress

Maalim - Feb 2010


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