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 National Geographic Magazine September 2011 issue - 8/16/2011
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For a number of months throughout 2010, spread between two separate trips, National Geographic Magazine editor at large, Michael Nichols, spent intimate time immersed in the Orphans Project, capturing exquisite images that encompass the essence of our work.  We are proud that this prestigious magazine will bring the plight of orphaned elephants, and elephants generally, to the attention of the global public. Charles Siebert writes the story. The results of many months are now shared with the world in National Geographic magazine’s September 2011 issue. 

Photograph by Michael Nichols.  Protecting baby Shukuru from the cold and rain,   Michael Nichols

The story can be read online: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2011/09/orphan-elephants/siebert-text

Photograph by Michael Nichols.  Mzima, a poaching victim, greets schoolchildren on a field trip

Photograph by Michael Nichols. Daphne Sheldrick, who founded the Nairobi Elephant Nursery.  Photograph by Michael Nichols.

Photographs by Michael Nichols. Many men were needed to lift this rescued calf into the stable  Photograph by Michael Nichols.  Shukuru was rescued from the Mzima - Mombasa water pipeline manhole

Photograph by Michael Nichols.  Emily with her wild born baby Edie  Photograph Michael Nichols.  Emily, now 17 years old greets head keeper Joseph Sauni

Photogaph by Michael Nichols.   The Ithumba relocation Unit Tsavo East National Park  Photograph by Michael Nichols.Older, independent elephants crowd around Meibai.


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